Fracture and Reliability Research Institute welcomes highly qualified Ph. D and Ms. students from all over the world.


Fracture and Reliability Research Institute (FRRI)

  • Division of Strength Reliability for Advanced Energy and Environmental Materials

    • Laboratory for Surface Modification And lnterfacial Control on Strength Reliability of Materials and Structures (SMART) (OgawaLaboratory)
  • Division of Design and Evaluation of Function and Reliability of Materials

    • Laboratory for Prediction and Prevention of Fractures(Miura & Suzuki Laboratory)
    • Laboratory for Functional Design of Nano・Scale Interface(Miura & Suzuki Laboratory)
  • Division of New Energy Systems Science

    • Laboratory for Earth Energy Systems Research (Hashida & Sato Laboratory)
    • Laboratory for Energy Cycle Systems Research
  • Division of Nondestructive Monitoring and Evaluation Qf Damages of Materials

    • Laboratory for Monitoring and Evaluation of Materials' Damage
    • Laboratory for Multi-Physics Computational Science
  • Division of Strength of Materials under Extreme Environments (Guest Division)
  • Division of Advanced Electric Power Technologies (Joint Research with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.) (Nakano & Takeda Laboratory)